Applied Multivariate Research, v.12 no.2 (complete version)

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Clinical psychology , Multivariate analysis , Personality
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Applied Multivariate Research. v.12, no.2. Ed. Dennis L. Jackson. Wichita, Kansas: Wichita State University, Dept. of Psychology, 2006
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From the Editor's desk / Dennis L. Jackson -- Creating an empirical typology: A review of cluster analysis and other classification techniques / David A. Jones, Christine R. Drummond, Cory D. Saunders, and John D. Strang -- Subtypes of WIAT performance in a heterogeneous neuropsychological sample / Cory D. Saunders, John D. Strang, David A. Jones, and Larissa R. Goertzen -- Organizational cultures across national boundaries: Results of a cluster analysis / Catherine T. Kwantes and Cheryl A. Boglarsky -- Validating a four-profile goal orientation solution using cluster analysis: Examining stress and attitudinal response patterns among organizational employees / Vincent J. Fortunato -- Hierarchical cluster analysis of formal personality theorists: An empirical designation of theoretical families / Kenneth M. Cramer and Kandice R. Collins
The journal Applied Multivariate Research is sponsored by the Society for Applied Multivariate Research and specializes in publishing methodological and content papers that deal with the application of both classical and more modem multivariate statistical techniques, as well as measurement issues, in applied settings. This may include examples of well conducted applied research where the data are analyzed using multivariate statistical techniques; methodologically or iented papers dealing with any of a variety of issues that come up in applied research (e.g., extreme sample sizes, distributional characteristics, missing data, poorly conditioned data, etc.); or, applied measurement content or method papers. In terms of methodological papers, the journal will entertain papers dealing with theoretical and mathematical issues in multivariate statistical analysis, but will give preference to papers focusing on pragmatic solutions to common applied problems. The journal also publishes papers in two specialized sections. The first is Consultant's Corner, which may include strategies for dealing with issues in analysis of data from applied settings, or summaries of work in progress along with invited commentary. The second section will contain book and software reviews.
The second issue of Applied Multivariate Research edited by Dennis L. Jackson. Editorial policy board: Ira Bernstein, Charles Burdsal, Roger E. Kirk, Stewart Page, Bruce Thompson
Digitized and published in SOAR:Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services.
Wichita State University, Department of Psychology
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Multivariate Experimental Clinical Research;v.12.2
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