Chapter 14 – Nanotechnology risk assessment

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Trybula, Walt
Newberry, Deb

Walt Trybula, Deb Newberry, Chapter 14 - Nanotechnology Risk Assessment, In: R. Asmatulu, Editor(s), Nanotechnology Safety, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2013, Pages 195-206, ISBN 9780444594389,


Nanotechnology has been promoted as the “next big thing” that will transform everyday life through the creation of numerous new products and enhanced materials for improved quality of life. Numerous applications that incorporate lighter-weight but stronger materials have been in such everyday products as golf clubs and structural elements. Medical applications of nanotechnology promise to yield medical solutions that provide for improved disease control and improved biocompatible materials. However, there is a need to consider the potential risk of using materials where their potential impact on both people and the environment may be unknown. As with working with any unknowns, a risk assessment needs to be employed. This chapter provides basic considerations for risk management, an overview of regulations that can impact nanotechnology efforts, and a short list of various Website references that are pertinent to the overall subject of nanotechnology risk efforts.

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