2014-09-22 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of September 22, 2014. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2014-2015, v.28
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Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (Updates): a. One-Stop / Janet Brandes -- b. United Way / Pat Hanrahan -- (President's report)-- (Committee reports): a. Rules Committee / Peer Moore-Jansen -- (New business): a. Welcome to new and returning senators -- b. Procedure Manual for Online Education
Attachments: United Way Campaign brochure -- One Stop Data Overview
Minutes: (Informal statements and proposals): Recent changes to phased retirement program and requested that the Executive Committee look into the matter / Senator Rillema -- Inquired about the process for faculty to handle incompletes that extend past the one year automatic extension in the grade submission system / Senator Castro -- (Informative information): Campaign Chair for United Way / Jackie Wise -- Shocker One Stop update / Janet Brandes -- (President's report): September meeting of the Council of Faculty Senate Presidents (COFSP) that meets concurrently with the KBOR: 1. Credit for prior learning (CPL) -- 2. Implementation of the Social Media policy -- 3. Performance based funding (at the University level) -- 4. Bb group has been created for the Senators -- 5. Ombudsperson training session is scheduled for October 4 -- 6. University Admissions and Exceptions Committee -- (Committee reports): a. Rules Committee: 1. Motion to accept the report from the Scholarship-Student Aid Committee -- 2. Motion to accept the report from the Undergraduate Research Committee and forward it to Faculty Affairs committee to deal with a funding issue -- 3. Motion to approve Hyuck Kwon to fill the Engineering seat on the Rules committee -- 4. Motion to approve Alicia Huckstadt (Nursing) as a new Senator -- all approved / Peer Moore-Jansen -- (New business): a. President Barut welcomed the new and returning senators -- b. Procedure Manual for Online Education
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