The Sunflower, 1928-1929, no.07, November 12, 1928

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College newspapers and periodicals , Wichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers , Student publications , Wichita State University -- History , Foght, H. W. (Harold Waldstein), 1869- , Circus Day , Pfiffner, John M. (John McDonald) 1893-1968 , Black athletes , Pan Fraternal Council , Physical Plant , Houck, Fritz , Academic tutoring
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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.22, no.7, Wichita, Kansas, November 12, 1928. - 8 pages
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Article(s): Big circus parade marks homecoming -- E. H. Sothern here -- Bring yearbook closer to students -- Great fight with Builders at 2:30 -- Wichita’s coach -- Petroff has slogan -- Give "home talent" program in annex -- Varsity terminates festivities tonight -- School shows great gain and progress -- He greets you / H. W. Foght -- Police guard hall against intruder -- Dramatics ticket will cost dollar -- French Club -- Inter-frat body draws up pact -- Formal and informal / Marian Grey Franklin: Alpha Tau Sigma; Sororis; Epsilon Kappa Rho; Pi Alpha Pi; Home Economics Club; Delta Omega; Phi Upsilon Sigma; Sepmeier lectures; Picnic by Espanol; Pi Kappa Psi; Alpha Gamma -- An old society -- Almost a tradition: Here since 1900, Fritz, the old custodian, has won a place in the hearts of the students -- Shakespeare cast undergoes change -- On the gridiron / Arnold McClintock: Undefeated college of Emporia gridsters here next Saturday; Johnson predicts good cage team; Wrestlers at Pitt; Tennis and faculty don’t get on well; They prefer golf; A new pep club -- C. of E. issues call -- Alma Mater -- Hail Wichita!
Photograph(s): Mildred Kelly. p. 1 -- Sam H. Hill. p. 1 -- The team: Back row: Coach Hill, Gallagher and G. Johnson; Wirth Lovitt, Sutter, Clyde Moore, Foust, Bonner, D. Moore, King, Gallagher, Tucker, L. Johnson, and Hennight. Middle row: Randle, Moffat, McComb, McIntyre, R. Johnson, Pierce, Newton, C. Arnold, Steinke, Swingle, and K. Anderson. Front row: Manager Kimball, Buckles, Dalbon, Kendle, R. Lovitt, Malstrom, Shaft, Taylor, and Knorr. p. 1 -- H. W. Foght -- Myrtledea Werts. p. 5 -- Shocker scorer: Speedy, shifty Gallopin' Gallagher is being counted on to furnish a major portion of the Shockers’ scoring power. p. 6 -- Builder tackle: Maurice Wiliams, fast, all-state tackle of Southwestern, is going to be a big handicap to Wichita this afternoon when it tries to gain through the Builder line. p. 6 -- Now of Wichita: The Moundbuilders will remember "Big" Wirth as a former Winfield lineman. He is a big reason why the left side of the line is seldom good for substantial gains by the opposition. p. 7 -- Hard to hold: Dinty Moore, a senior, is playing his third year of football at W.U., playing half back. Moore is a good broken-field runner and Southwestern is going to find him a slippery man to hold. p. 7
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The Sunflower
v.22 no.7
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