Colorful fiction: exploration the space between the abstraction and recognition

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Stone, Tim

I manipulate what we see as everyday objects and places such as urban architecture, and landscape into a colorful fiction. The word fiction literally means “imaginative narration”. With my brushwork I marry chaotic mark making with bold representation. A drama emerges between what the viewer knows and what they are being told they should know in order to question the “constructed space” being presented. This dilemma of fact or fiction sets a conflicting, contemplative mood. Just like the process that created it; the imagery and mark making is chosen and inserted both carefully and spontaneously to present this unlikely union of landscape, languor, speed and concrete. Pathways, and conflict between the recognizable and the abstract are themes within my work, as well as connection, disconnection, and how that effects the “in between”. I build my frames from 2x6x12 boards and stretch and gesso the canvas myself before painting. When painting I rely on my knowledge of formal elements and self-taught intuition to produce colorful landscapes that echo or give voice to the “in between” of the recognizable and abstract.

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First place winner of oral presentations in the Exhibition/Performance section at the 11th Annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum (URCAF) held at the Rhatigan Student Center , Wichita State University, April 5, 2011