From evaluation to collaborative reflection: Teacher candidate perceptions of a digital learner-centered classroom observation form

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Flores, Raymond
Krutka, Daniel G.
Cramer, Katherine Mason
Bergman, Daniel J.

Flores, R., Krutka, D.G., Mason, K. & Bergman, D.J. (2014). "From Evaluation to Collaborative Reflection: Teacher Candidate Perceptions of a Digital Learner-Centered Classroom Observation Form." Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 22(4), 401-421. Waynesville, NC USA: Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education.


In efforts to promote a more learner-centered approach to supervision, faculty members at a Midwestern US university piloted a new digital classroom observation form. Participants included middle/secondary teacher candidates (N= 28) in their final semester of their programs. The overall goal of this study was to gather teacher candidates’ perceptions of a form that incorporated self-reflection, collaborative reflection, and quality feedback. Data was collected using an online questionnaire that collected the frequency of TCs' reflective practices, their perceptions of the impact of the form on reflection, and TCs' perceptions of supervisor written feedback. Results indicated that while TCs felt that the form took more time to complete, most felt it helped promote reflective practices, and supervisor feedback was viewed favorably. Implications for future research are discussed.

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