2011-05-02 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda of the meeting of May 2, 2011. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2010-2011, v.24

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Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (Statements from Senators on General Education) -- (President's report): FY 2011 budget update -- (Committee reports): a. Rules Committee / Steve Skinner -- 2011-12 Committee Appointments: Academic Affairs: Mary Walker, University Libraries; Court of Academic Appeals: Frank Rokosz, Education, Laura Zellers, Business, Ray Hull, Health Professions; Faculty Affairs: Chris Rogers, LAS Math; Faculty Support: Krishna Krishnan, Engineering, Ginger Williams, University Libraries; General Education: Ikram Ahmned, Engineerinbg, Natalie Grant, LAS Social Sciences, Steve Brady (Basic Skills); Honors: Larry Spurgeon, Business, Elaine Bernstorf, Fine Arts; Library: Daniel Bergman, Education, Amy Baker, Fine Arts, Robet Feleppa, LAS Humanities; Rules: Clyde Stoltenberg, Business, Cathy Moore-Jansen, University Libraries; Scholarship and Student Aid: Melissa Mallon, University Libraries, Gamel Waheba, Engineering; Undergraduate Research: Macad Chand, Business, Lynn Goldberg, Health Professions -- (Old business): 1) Proposal from the Executive Committee: Transfer Appeals Process for students and institutions (second reading)