The place of music in the recreation program

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Brazell, Jo

This thesis will serve as a guide and show the function or music in the National Recreation Playground Program. The recreation program's aim is to organize and promote a wide range of activities that a start would consider spiritually satisfying, mentally stimulating, physically wholesome, and socially sound. Music is a field only recently being introduced into the recreation program. A historical background will be given to establish the need of experiencing and studying fine arts. These musical ideas have been concluded from successes and failures with a music program in the Hutchinson and Wichita, Kansas Recreation Program. The concept is to make the music program both beneficial and enjoyable, thus stimulating the desire to continue the study of music in school, church, and outside activities. The appendix may be used as a brier guide in the construction of puppets and rhythm band instruments and in the selection of reading and listening material. To combine all these various phases or music which will become the basis of the recreation's music program, I have prepared these suggestions and aids for the playground leader.

Table of Content
Historical background and growth of the recreation program -- The function of music in the recreation program -- Organization of a community musical program -- Creativeness, the philosophical factor in recreation's music -- Administrative and operative problems -- Activity program -- Conclusion -- Appendix -- Bibliography
Thesis (M.M.E.)-- University of Wichita, College of Fine Arts, Dept. of Music