2007-09-10 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of September 10, 2007. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2007-2008, v.21

Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report) -- (Committee reports): A. Rules: 1. Faculty Senate Vacancies -- 2. Faculty Senate Standing Committee Vacancies / Larry Spurgeon -- (New business): A. Statement on Shared governance / Elmer Hoyer -- B. Thoughts on Academic Freedom / Larry Spurgeon -- C. Roberts Rules of Order/Faculty Senate Rules / Will Klunder
Attachments: A Statement on Shared Governance / Elmer A. Hoyer -- Robert's Rules of Order Summary Version -- Faculty Senate Rules
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Accepted Randy Turk, Julie Scherz, Steve Skinner, Paul Rillema & Brien Bolin to fill Senate vacancies -- 2. Accepted several faculty to fill vacancies on Faculty Senate Committees (see committee reports) -- 3. Elected Randy Turk to the Planning & Budget Committee for a three-year term -- (Informal statements and proposals): Inquiry regarding air conditioned offices/buildings on weekends / Senator Klunder -- WSU Girls Volleyball / Senator Lancaster -- (President's report): 1. Upcoming BOR meeting September 19-20 -- 2. June BOR meeting: K-12 programs and college preparation alignment questions addressed -- 3. COFSP June meeting -- 4. Faculty Assembly: Provost Miller outlined his plans for the year: Discussions regarding learning research and technology; learning outcomes assessment; research as it relates to the urban-serving mission of WSU; meeting employer needs; globalization/international studies; transparent governance -- (Committee reports): a. Rules Committee: Vacancies / Larry Spurgeon -- b. Election of member to the Planning and Budget Committee representing the College of Education -- c. President Caruthers reviewed upcoming activities of various committees: 1. Academic Affairs Committee: reviewing proposals for three-degree programs in bioscience/engineering; XF and +/- grading -- 2. Faculty Affairs Committee: Re-examining faculty electorate; looking to provide clarification of T&P documents -- 3. General Education Committee: Hiring a new Coordinator will begin work -- 4. Library Committee: Needs a new chair; committee will be concerned with the lack of funding to support new degree programs, and other issues -- 5. Faculty Support Committee: Tuition waiver pool for faculty and dependents -- (New business): A. Information on shared governance / Elmer Hoyer -- B. Information and background material on the legal and social basis of various kinds of academic freedom / Larry Spurgeon -- C. Roberts Rules of Order and the Faculty Senate Rules / Will Klunder