The Sunflower, 1926-1927, no.02, September 24, 1926

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.21 no.2. Wichita, Kansas, September 24, 1926. - 8 pages

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Article(s): Next Sunday is set as Visitors Day to college; "Visitors' Day will give opportunity to citizens to note changes and improvements -- Miss Mary Kelly will teach Spanish: Fairmount graduate of last year returns to fulfill position -- The Wheatshocker spirit -- Yell-leaders have keen competition -- Forty-one men in new cooperative business school: Students grasp opportunity to advance in occupations while studying -- Wallace Howard is in Wesley Hospital -- Two gala occasions -- Class officers are elected for year: Annual selection of leaders is the occasion for much excitement -- Mixer tonight at gymnasium to be big social event: All-school party to be leading social event of the season; Annual tradition -- Fine Arts offices located downtown -- Spanish classes are very popular: Great demand for Spanish courses brings to light the value of that subject -- Freshman infest spoonholder - Students entertained by Dean Lieurance: Fine Arts dean entertains student body in chapel on Wednesday -- Time will tell -- Baseball results -- Final casting for “Othello” under way: Cast to be chosen for play to be given after Thanksgiving -- The pennant race -- Opera is not highest form of musical art, declares Galli-Curci -- Pan-Hellenic lays plans for all women: New girls are instructed in school orientation and society rules -- Sororis - Alpha Gamma Gamma -- Pi Kappa Psi -- Delta Omega -- Alpha Tau Sigma -- Pi Alpha Pi -- Webster -- Omega Upsilon -- Pan-Hellenic Y. W. tea for new girls: Big and Little Sisters entertain new girls at party -- Many factors govern person's ideal weight -- Utilities set new business standards -- Marriage and divorce for Kansas, 1925 -- Postal receipts index to growth: Revenues paint vivid picture of Uncle Sam's progress says Harry S. New -- The younger generation now -- Sophomore class announes rules: Freshman rules are laid down to continue ancient tradition -- Boys under-go [sic] ordeal -- $25 for songs and yells to students: Prizes are offered by faculty for Best University Songs and Yells -- College interest proves measure of Red Cross accomplishment -- Football season opens tomorrow: First game of season to follow annual custom when Wichtia U. bumps against Haskell -- Cardinals cost little and are worth a million -- Charley Horse column has a candidate -- Ira Smith is back as assistant coach: Former football star returns to aid Coach Umnus in the backfield -- Kansas Conference opens this week: Conference grid season under way -- Side lights on the fight -- Comedy to be given as first of series: "The newly marries couple" to be first play given by Dramatic Club -- Amy the debutante is presented to class -- Sophomores! The University is not homelike -- Thoughts of a frosh - Sketches and skits -- A case of mistaken identity -- City motorists imperil road and rural life: Safety First campaign for Kansas farmers: Drive more slowly -- Soothing Susan sympathizes -- Holyoke Hall hilites -- Motherhood endangered by strenuous athletics -- Wentz fund aid at vital place, says Aggie head: Fifty thousand dollar foundation for college will keep upperclassmen in school -- Most words doctors know would mystify the average person -- Opera is unprofitable