Why is multimedia quality of experience assessment a challenging problem?

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Akhtar, Zahid
Siddique, Kamran
Rattani, Ajita
Lebai Lutfi, Syaheerah
Falk, Tiago H.

Z. Akhtar, K. Siddique, A. Rattani, S. L. Lutfi and T. H. Falk, "Why is Multimedia Quality of Experience Assessment a Challenging Problem?," in IEEE Access, vol. 7, pp. 117897-117915, 2019


Quality of experience (QoE) assessment occupies a key role in various multimedia networks and applications. Recently, large efforts have been devoted to devise objective QoE metrics that correlate with perceived subjective measurements. Despite recent progress, limited success has been attained. In this paper, we provide some insights on why QoE assessment is so difficult by presenting few major issues as well as a general summary of quality/QoE formation and conception including human auditory and vision systems. Also, potential future research directions are described to discern the path forward. This is an academic and perspective article, which is hoped to complement existing studies and prompt interdisciplinary research.

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