OCTOPUS: On-demand Communication Topology Updating Strategy for Mobile Sensor Networks

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Hatime, Hicham
Namuduri, Kamesh
Watkins, John Michael

Hatime, H., Namuduri, K., & Watkins, J. (2013). OCTOPUS: On-demand communication topology updating strategy for mobile sensor networks. Embedded and networking systems: Design, software, and implementation (pp. 149-166) doi:10.1201/b15497-12 Retrieved from www.scopus.com


Mobile sensor networks are characterized by frequent topology updates and selfconfigurations. Networks are created spontaneously whenever nodes are within transmission range of each other. The arrivals and departures of nodes in a network are ongoing dynamic processes because of their high mobility. This dynamic nature causes the nodes in mobile sensor networks to lose connectivity. Strategies are required to keep a network connected and adaptable to frequent changes.

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