The Green Gazette: A freshman publication

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University of Wichita
Department of English

The Green Gazette: A freshman publication. University of Wichita, Department of English, May, 1930. 32 pages


It is the purpose of this publication to acquaint the faculty and student body of Wichita University with the work of the Freshman Rhetoric classes of English department. The best themes from the standpoint of interest and composition were selected for this magazine. It is the hope of the editorial staff that The Green Gazette will prove to be at once entertaining and valuable to its readers. [Editorial staff]

Table of Content
Driftwood / Richard Forster -- 9:15 / Hugh Samson -- Candor / George Squibb -- My ideal university / Willard Towne -- April Lightning after dark / Katrina Wallingford -- Dutch treats / Anonymous -- A message from Garcia / Tom Horton -- Young America, in the marketing / Mary Elizabeth Hester -- Pagan musings / George Squibb -- Smiling / Nancy Ruth Gamble -- China / Polly Ayers -- Totem Poles / Vera Faye Haven -- The new radio / Maude Hough -- Fighting an Oregon forest fire / Yale Mitchell -- The test / Merlin Wilson -- Sacrifice / Willa McLean -- Philosophy / Winifred Leete -- Editorial notes / Anonymous -- A star / Orville E. Cox -- Who's who
Editorial staff: George Squibb, editor; Jean Herrick & Helen Fairchild, assistant editor; Bert Wells, business manager; Roland Priboth & Vera June Scott, asst. business mgr.