Parnassus 1934

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Municipal University of Wichita

University of Wichita. Parnassus 1934. Wichita, Kan: Wichita State University, 2017


Contents are structured by a policy of student life called "Shocker Code" that includes responsibility, loyalty, interest, cooperation, consideration, and personality.

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Presented by the Board of Publications of the University of Wichita
Editorial staff: Margaret E. Jennings, Editor; Charles B. Millham, Business Manager
Dedicated to W.M. Jardine, President of the University of Wichita. "Praise for work accomplished is cherished. Commendation from friends is appreciated. Long years of work and worthwhile deeds need no praise, no commendation. Satisfaction in a thing well done suffices the individual; friend or foe can neither give nor take the reward from him. Praise at the beginning of an undertaking is rare. Reward at the beginning is significant. Significant of our faith and belief in our leader, is our token of appreciation for the code he has adopted. With appreciation of the leader as a man, and with the hope that this may be an inspiration and a testimony of our sincerity, we dedicate this I 934 Parnassus to the leader who has renewed our hopes, faiths, and energies."