VOD and live TV channels for aircraft broadband networks

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Arumugam, Murali
Pendse, Ravi

Broadband aircraft communications have come long way from web surfing to the very recent live TV channels by the Qatar airways. This thesis has gone one step further by analyzing the possibility of video on demand and live TV channels using single antenna for IFE options provided by the aircraft. With TVOD (true video on demand), passengers have the option to select a movie or TV channel from content which are hosted in the ground server at any time with the start, pause and stop functionality. As opposed to the prescheduled programs which are already in place. The research work defines the challenges, complete architecture, products and the emerging technological solutions in implementing the VOD and live TV channels through Ku band satellite IP communication. In addition, cost analysis and ways to efficiently use the bandwidth is also discussed. The proposed architecture’s performance is analyzed with the help of frequency sharing introduced in this thesis. The channel capacity and throughput for various parameters are calculated using the mathematical model.

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Thesis (M.S): Wichita State University, College of Engineering, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering