2014 - 2015 Faculty Senate standing committee annual reports

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dc.description.tableofcontentsAgenda: (WSU Court of Academic Appeals Annual Report for Year 2014-15) -- (Annual Report of the Executive Committee 2014-15) -- (2014-2015 Faculty Affairs Standing Committee Annual Report) -- (Faculty Support) -- (Report of activities of the General Education Committee for AY 2014-15) -- (Faculty Senate Library Committee (FSLC)) -- (Annual Report of the Planning & Budget Committee 2014-15) -- (Tenure and Promotion) -- (University Admissions and Exceptions Report 2014-2015)en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsMinutes: (WSU Court of Academic Appeals Annual Report for Year 2014-15): Hearings heard: February 26, 2015 (involving SPAN 111); March 27, 2015 (involving HS 301) -- (Annual Report of the Executive Committee 2014-15): Established the agenda for the Faculty Senate, provided advice to the Senate president and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and sent forth proposals to the Faculty Senate -- (2014-2015 Faculty Affairs Standing Committee Annual Report): Considered modification of WSU Tenure Policy (Policy 4.13) -- Considered modification of the WSU Chair Policy and Procedures document (Policy 2.15) -- Considered and recommended a modification of WSU Policy 4.17 (Tenure and Promotion - Outline of Process and Review) -- (Faculty Support): Discussed four MURPA applications, thirteen URCA applications and made recommendations for funding to Dr. Tomblin -- Reviewed seventeen Sabbatical Applications -- Considered applications and made recommendations for the following WSU Excellence Awards: Research, Creative Activity, Community Research -- Will make recommendations for funding on fourteen ARC applications and eight Flossie West applications -- (Report of activities of the General Education Committee for AY 2014-15): Considered Curriculum Change Forms (CCFs) -- Discussed the suggestions and proposals stemming from the General Education Forum held in the fall of 2014 -- Spent much of this year planning and discussing the FS -- ( (Faculty Senate Library Committee (FSLC)): 1. Introductions -- 2. Dean's Announcements: a. Library Associates event "The Last Nomads of Turkey" with Kemal Nuraydin, reception to follow -- b. University Libraries is currently conducting 3 librarian searches -- 3. Research and Technology Transfer Sponsored Databases: a. Four significant databases and associated full-text content currently being funded by Research and Technology Transfer (RTT) -- 4. Collections and Services Updates: a. Rhonda Huisman, Associate Dean of University Libraries, reported that University Libraries joined Rapid ILL allowing 24-hour turn around on interlibrary loan items -- b. ILL now providing Scan on Demand -- c. Digital Literacy workshops for faculty and students -- d. Kathy Downes, Senior Associate Dean of University Libraries, reported that University Libraries is .continuing to enhance the facilities by replacing chairs and updating group study rooms -- e. CONTENTdm for Special Collections -- f. Dean Gilstrap reported that University Libraries has entered into partnership with Cengage Gale for the creation of the Indigenous Peoples: North America database -- 5. As may arise: a. Dr. Hendry is looking for feedback from the Faculty Senate on agenda items that are relevant to the charge of this committee -- b. Dr. Ravigururajan reported that the College of Engineering has recently hired several new faculty members that would benefit from the Library Instruction Program -- (Annual Report of the Planning & Budget Committee 2014-15): Received a briefing on current budgeting process and reviewed the university budget information in preparation for the next academic year -- (Tenure and Promotion): 1. Administrators applying for Professor Incentive Review (PIR) -- 2. Committee felt that we should reward faculty who are still very active in the university, who do significant service to the university, and who are good teachers, but do not produce quite enough scholarship or creative activity to meet the standards for promotion to Professor or PIR -- 3. In cases where an applicant for promotion, tenure, or PIR has been employed by the University for a period that is shorter than expected for their current rank, they will be provided with written documentation instructing the tenure and promotion committees at all levels how the candidate's time at their previous institution should be considered -- 4. External review process -- (University Admissions and Exceptions Report 2014-2015): Met with representatives from Admissions, Academic Affairs, and the Registrar matters concerning admissions and committee members made expedited decisions on approximately 100 admissions applications -- Close to completion of UAEC Handbook -- Devoted of time to implementing a transition to the higher admissions standards mandated now mandated by KBOR -- Committee will continue to revisit guidelines, procedures, the pre-approval list, and other requirements for exceptions as neededen_US
dc.identifier.citationFaculty Senate. Annual reports of the meetings of Faculty Senate standing committees, 2014-2015. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2014-2015, v.28en_US
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dc.title2014 - 2015 Faculty Senate standing committee annual reportsen_US
dc.title.alternativeFaculty Senate standing committee annual reports 2014-2015en_US
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