The Sunflower, v.53, no.01 (September 11, 1947)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.53, no.1. Wichita, Kansas, September 11, 1947. - 8 pages

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Article(s): Mrs. Roosevelt to speak here -- Forum list announced for season -- Fall election is scheduled -- First varsity to be held on Saturday -- Pep groups open ranks -- Responsibility of student is world peace--Jardine -- University senior visits eight foreign lands as 'Y' delegate -- Twenty-six are added to faculty -- Turn on the fire -- Vox discipuli -- Grad gossip / Mickey McCoy -- Helping hand is substitute for paddle at Ohio State -- Typed on a Wednesday / William Fein -- Parnassus work begins -- Boosters!: Students to follow grid team to Tulsa on November 1 trip -- AWS begins first year -- Try-outs for "Papa is All" start Monday in Commons -- Comptroller is appointed -- I.S.A. paper out Monday -- Al Littleton conquers Kansas golf crown -- Eighty-six freshmen women pledged to campus sororities -- Club corner / Betty -- Roundabout the campus -- W.U. carpenter does well in Mayo Clinic -- Blotters with scent is advertising idea -- Frats open rush week -- Cage squad has 23 tilts calendared -- Hazlett, W.U. player, making progress in Kansas City hospital -- Intramurals get in swing -- Shockers will open against Warrensburg -- Tramp, tramp!: Two parades during grid season okayed by city commission -- Grid frosh will report -- Shockers observe golden anniversary of football in 1947 -- Plans made for baseball next spring -- Unique scholarship setup is proposed -- Building use is delayed -- All Freshmen welcomed -- Fairmount graduate to be given medal
Photograph(s): T. V. Smith; Eleanor Roosevelt; Stuart Chase; Robert St. John. p. 1 -- Dr. W. M. Jardine. p. 1 -- George Meloy. p. 1 -- Midge Moore, Pi Kappa Psi sorority, member of the Young Women's Christian Association on the campus, is chairman of the first all-school varsity to be held in the men's gymnasium Saturday from 9 p.m. until midnight. p. 4 -- Five sorority presidents gathered in the office of Dean Grace Wilkie to pick up pledge lists last Saturday as Rush Week concluded. Eighty-six rushees were pledged by the University social groups. Dean Wilkie is pictured discussing the list with the sorority presidents and Pan-Hellenic president. They are, from left, seated, Jean Rittenoure, Delta Omega; Ru Beuke, Alpha Tau Sigma; Mary Kay Hensley, Pi Kappa Pi; standing, left, Jerry Beardsley, rush captain Epsilon Kappa Rho; Bobbie Gwinn, Sorosis; and Beth Jones, Women's Pan-Hellenic president. p. 5 -- The Shocker coaching staff is busily preparing the squad for its opening game with Warrenburg Teachers, Sept. 20, in Veteran's Field. The coaches are: Ted Warren, freshman coach; Mel Binford, football scout; Paul Walker, end coach; and kneeling are Ralph Graham, head football coach; and Jim Trimble, line coach. p. 6 -- On the way to pay dirt for one of the six touchdowns made by the Gold team in last Saturday's full game scrimmage in Veterans Field is Linwood Sexton. Coming up in vain is Al Grochowalski, who played on the black squad. p. 7