A person-centered care intervention for geriatric certified nursing assistants

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Coleman, Carissa K.
Medvene, Louis J.

Coleman, Carissa K.; Medvene, Louis J. 2013. A person-centered care intervention for geriatric certified nursing assistants. Gerontologist, v.53:no.4:pp.687-698


Purpose: To pilot test a multicomponent intervention to increase certified nursing assistants' (CNAs) awareness of person-centered care. To establish the feasibility of implementing an intervention involving videotaped biographies of residents and videotapes of resident/CNA caregiving interactions. Design and Methods: A training program was provided at two nursing homes (NHs) using a wait-list control design. Levels of dyadic relationship closeness and satisfaction were compared prepost. Video recordings of CNA/resident interactions were coded for person-centered care using two observational instruments. Results: Based on data from 19 resident/aide dyads, the findings were that resident's perceptions of relationship closeness increased significantly posttraining at both NHs, NH1, z = -1.89, p < .05, and the NH2, z = -1.95, p < .05. Effects were also seen with the CNA's perceptions of satisfaction and closeness, and resident satisfaction. Implications: The findings suggest that this type of intervention is feasible and warrants further research.

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