2016-09-12 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of September 12, 2016. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2016-2017, v.30
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Agenda: (Introduction of the new faculty) -- (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report) -- (Presentation from United Way) / John O'Leary -- (Committee reports): A. Rules Committee -- B. Election of Planning & Budget Committee: Business, Engineering, LAS Math/Phyics/Natural -- Sciences -- (New business): A. Proposed Military Leave Policy / Susan Norton -- B. SEM update / Carolyn Shaw and Janice Ewing
Attachments: Draft: Student military leave of absence policy (MLOA), 09-2016 -- Draft: Military Leave Policy / Susan Norton, Office of Adult Learning. 08-2016 -- Final draft for committee approval: Student military leave of absence (MLOA) policy, 07-18-2016 -- Final draft for President's Executive Team (PET) approval, 09-16-2016
Minutes: Summary of actions: 1. Accepted appointment of Education representative Jennifer Stone and LAS Math/Physics/Natural Sciences representative Mark Schneegurt to the Academic Affairs Committee -- 2. Accepted appointment of LAS Social Science representative Kyoung Lee to the Faculty Support Committee -- 3. Accepted appointment of University Libraries representative Rachel Crane to the General Education Committee -- 4. Accepted appointment of Engineering representative Kagdi Huzefa to the Library Committee -- 5. Accepted appointment of Business representative Michael Imhof to the Scholarship and Student Aid Committee -- 6. Accepted appointments of Mary Walker and Yumi Suzuki to the Traffic Appeals Committee -- 7. Accepted appointment of Business representative Senator Decker to the Planning and Budget Committee -- (Introduction of new faculty) -- (Informal statements and proposals): a. Associated Malaysian Students of Wichita (AMSOW) has not been officially recognized and is looking for a faculty advisor -- (President's report): a. Sign in reminder -- b. Faculty Senate Budget -- c. WSU-WATC merger -- d. Status of Instructors and promotion guidelines -- e. First year seminar report -- f. Will be attending the first KBOR meeting of the semester this week -- (Presentation from the United Way): a. Upcoming campaign continues to focus on the building blocks for a better community: education, income and health / Ann Collins and John O'Leary -- (Committee reports): a. Rules Committee: Nominations -- B. Concealed Weapons Policy -- C. Election of Planning and Budget Committee -- (New business): A. Proposed Military Leave Policy / Susan Norton -- B. SEM Update: Two documents on Senate webpage: first document is a draft of the Strategic Enrollment Plan and second document consists of the 4 handouts provided for faculty and staff at the roll out event / Senator Shaw
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