The Sunflower, v.81, no.17 (October 1, 1976)

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The Sunflower, v.81 no. 17. Wichita, Kansas, October 1, 1976. - 8 pages.
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Article(s): Hostilities cease: Greek invasion captures unresisting university / David Sours -- Students improve police relations / Dan Close -- Relax: Body control brings health / Carrie Bogner -- Latins discuss change -- Indian students plan activities -- Senate: Campus groups funded / W. E. Turner -- WSU hosts tournament -- Fall production features two one-act operas -- Nigerian shares memory of homeland on anniversary / Fabian Okeke -- Music: WSU provides concert, lecture series -- Enrollment still open in noncredit courses -- Moon tides, crimes rise together / Terry Huffman -- Cranky caller: Stop crying Norton / Greg Ciskowski -- Shocks battle Cardinals / Steve Pike -- Shocker gridders make Cowboy scout’s golden list / Tim Sullivan -- Team splits matches
Photograph(s): Symbols: This building, the Volkswagon van, and black-on-white police car stand as material symbols of the cooperative effort of a local community agency, WSU students, and the city police department to facilitate better police/citizen understanding. / photo by Dan Close. p. 1 -- People: Student PNSC employees Dave Roy (seated on right) and Leroy Green (kneeling), talk on the front porch with a client and her children. / photo by Dan Close. p. 1 -- [Fabian] Okeke. / photo by Charlotte Pearson. p. 4 -- Cake grin: Richard LaMunyon grins appreciatively while opening a box containing a cake given to him at a surprise party by students in the WSU Administration of Justice class. LaMunyon was promoted to Wichita's chief of police from the vice squad. / photo by Marsha Phelps. p. 6 -- Fair game?: "Don't worry, we're right behind you !" The Wichita Rugby team (on the right) lines up behind the short guy running with the ball. The Tulsan in the defensive backfield looks like a wolf ready to pounce on a rabbit. Wichita won 21-10. This Saturday, at 1 p.m., the Wichitans take on the Kansas City Blues in Lynwood Park. / photo by Phil Dresson. p. 7
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The Sunflower
v.81 no.17
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