2013-01-28 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of January 28, 2013. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2012-2013, v.26

Table of Content
Agenda: (President’s report) -- (Committee reports): A. Academic Affairs / Nick Solomey -- B. Rules / Victoria Mosack
Attachments: Repeat policy revision / Nick Solomey, Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes: Summary of action: a. Accepted the proposed revisions to the Repeat Policy from Academic Affairs -- b. Accepted the appointments of Animesh Chakravarthy & Nicholas Wyant to the Undergraduate Research Committee -- (President's report): A. December and January KBOR meetings: 1. Post Tenure Review -- 2. Regent’s Professor of the Year (tabled at January meeting of COFSP) -- B. Academic Operations Council -- C. Faculty Salary Spread / Mary Herrin -- D. VPAA Search -- E. College of Engineering Task Force -- (Committee reports): A. Academic Affairs Committee: Completion of academic transfers and drafting a college-wide policy to address the issue -- Request from the Registrar’s office to examine and streamline the University’s repeat policy -- B. Rules Committee: Nominations / Victoria Mosack