The Sunflower, v.80, no.18 (October 6, 1975)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.80 no. 18. Wichita, Kansas, October 6, 1975. - 12 pages.

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Article(s): Council to examine health plan mergers -- First black museum sought / Toni Newman -- Landlord-tenant bill needs court test -- Food co-ops hack away middle men / Hannelore Borchers -- Classroom theatre: learning on stage / Bonnie Johnson -- Registrar resigns -- What makes Quentin go? -- Fair shot wins photo competition -- Magazine prints Harper photo -- Photojournalism takes hard work and dedication / Hannelore Borchers -- Photography gains museum spotlight -- Photo seminar features top magazine illustrator -- Photo teacher knocks students / Paula Brocklesby -- Audiovisual center caters to student photo needs -- Rights amendment fight stirring -- Keys: ‘ERA will elevate traditional role’ -- Offense comes alive for the Shockers / Mike Shalin -- Shocker defense roaring again / Steve Pike -- Men's bowling team lead with four matches left -- Shocks finish third in volleyball meet -- Harriers pass up Stillwater -- Senior honors group recognized
Photograph(s): Mrs. Leonard Montgomery, flanked by daughter Mary Sherbin and son, Phillip Montgomery, get an overview of Wichita State University from George Platt, director of planning, on a tour during Parents Day Saturday. / photo by Tom Armstrong. p. 1 -- Calvary Church, where not enough history was made. / photo by Tom Armstrong. p. 1 -- The Shocks shown winning again. / photos by Howard Rappaport. p. 11 -- Honors group from the left are Alice Brown, Alan Donahue, Jan Osborn, Charles Nellans, Deborah Haynes, Elizabeth Searle, Anthony Taravelle, Judith Dorrell, Mark Finucane, and Lawrence Goering. p. 45