Connecticut Community Colleges join forces to share library system

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Gilstrap, Donald L.

Gilstrap, Donald L. 2001. Connecticut Community Colleges join forces to share library system. -- Community and Junior College Libraries, v.10 no.1 (2001): 76


In 2001, libraries of the twelve Connecticut community colleges
joined together to purchase and share the Endeavor Voyager integrated library management system. In previous years, these colleges had been members of separate private library consortia within the state. At the time these consortia were set up, the main emphasis had been on migrating from old card catalogs to automated systems. In recent years staff at the community college libraries began researching options for sharing a next generation system. After a lengthy review of the different products on the market, the staff of the twelve libraries opted for a system that offers the functionality needed for the technologically savvy students of the 21st Century, while still providing room for growth in the future.

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