2007-05-07 Election meeting

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Faculty Senate. Election meeting of May 7, 2007. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2007-2008, v.21
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Agenda: (President's report) -- (Senate vacancies) -- (Election of Officers for the 2007-2008 Senate): A. President-Elect: Larry Spurgeon; B. Vice President: JoLynne Campbell; C. Secretary: Bill Vanderburgh; D. Members of the Executive Committee (2): Cathy Moore-Jansen, Roy Myose -- (Election of three members to the Planning & Budget Committee): College of Engineering, LAS Humanities, LAS Math/Natural Sciences
Minutes: (President's report): a. Offered thanks to outgoing President Roussell for her work -- b. Intent to focus on "the possible" and suggested that Senators look at bringing potential solutions, as well as problems, to Senate meetings -- c. Requested Senators ask colleagues to attend the General Faculty meeting on May 8th -- d. Remarks on Grievance Committee process -- e. Comments on external reviews for tenure and promotion cases -- f. Publicity campaign regarding donations to Faculty Tuition Assistance Program -- g. Clarification of the University travel policy -- h. Board of Regents wants the Council of Faculty Presidents to provide input regarding methods of teaching evaluation -- i. Plans to launch a series of informational sessions for faculty over the next year -- j. Plan to invite faculty to the first Senate meeting of the fall to discuss issues of shared/negotiated governance -- k. Intends to host a brief presentation regarding Robert's Rules in the fall -- (Committee reports): Rules: Vacancies -- (Election of Officers for the 2007-2008 Faculty Senate): President-Elect, Larry Spurgeon; Vice President, JoLynne Campbell; Secretary, Wm. Vanderburgh elected -- (Election of members of the Planning and Budget Committee): LAS Humanities: Will Klunder, LAS Math/Natural Sciences,Mark Schneegurt, Engineering, Mehmet Yilidrim. A member representing the College of Education will be elected in the Fall
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Wichita State University Faculty Senate Archives
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