Prayers for Sigd: Psalm 122 inserts

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Prayers for Sigd: Psalm 122 inserts. Translated from Hebrew to English by Mark A. Schneegurt. Published by translator.


Sigd is a Jewish holiday on Cheshvan 29 found only in the Ethiopian community. This is a Law-giving holiday with strong connections to a return to Jerusalem through following the Law. The community assembles on a hilltop and fasts initially. Torah sections related to the giving of the Law are read, with special emphasis on Ezra in Nehemiah. There are liturgical prayers and yizkor is said. The day ends with festivities, feasting, music, and dancing into the night. A traditional reading, limited to Sigd, is the unique prayers inserted into Psalm 122. These inserts for Psalm 122 appear to follow after v2, contain v3, and continue until v4. The original text is in Agau and likely dates to before the Semitic invasion. It has been transliterated and translated into Hebrew relatively recently. The current English translation was generated from this Hebrew version.

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First English translation from Hebrew by Mark A. Schneegurt.