2010-04-12 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of April 12, 2010. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2009-2010, v.23

Table of Content
Agenda: (President's report) -- (Committee reports): A. Standing Committee Annual Reports: Exceptions; Rules; Scholarship and Student Aid; Tenure and Promotion; University Curriculum -- B. Rules Committee: standing committee appointments / Fritz Hemans -- (New business): A. Connie Dietz, Director, Cooperative Education
Attachments: Annual report 2009-2010 / University Admissions and Exceptions Committee -- Annual report 2009-2010 / Rules Committee -- Annual report 2009-2010 / Scholarship and Student Aid Committee -- Annual report 2009-2010 / Tenure and Promotion Committee -- Annual report 2009-2010 / University Curriculum Committee
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Reviewed Faculty Senate Standing Committee Annual reports from Exceptions, Rules, Scholarship & Student Aid, Tenure and Promotion and University Curriculum -- 2. Accepted Faculty Senate Standing Committee appointments: Academic Affairs: Sue Abdinnour, Business -- Court of Academic Appeals: David Soles, full member -- Exceptions: Rachel Crane, University Libraries; Mehmet Barut, Business -- Faculty Affairs: Walter Horn, Engineering -- Faculty Support: Rick LeCompte, Business; Julie Scherz, Health Professions -- General Education: Ted Adler, Fine Arts; Paul Rillema, LAS Math/Natural Sciences -- Honors: Gemma Blackburn, University Libraries, 1 yr appointment; Trisha Self, Health Professions -- Library: Robert Manske, Health Professions -- Scholarship and Student Aid: Doug English, LAS Math/Natural Sciences -- Undergraduate Research: Kim McDowell, Education -- (New business): A. Presentation about the Cooperative Education program / Connie Dietz -- (President's report): Will be attending the KBOR meeting next week and thought there would be preliminary discussions about tuition rates but that most likely there would be no action taken until after May 12th -- (Committee reports): A. Faculty Senate Standing Committee annual reports (see summary of action) -- B. Rules: Presented nominees for standing committee appointments (see summary of action) / Fritz Hemans