2021-12-07 University Staff Senate meeting

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University Staff Senate

University Staff Senate. (2021, December 7). Agenda and minutes of the meeting. -- Staff Senate Meetings, Agendas and Minutes: 2021-2022 Meeting Information. https://www.wichita.edu/services/staffsenate/meetingdates.php

Table of Content
Agenda: Call to Order and Wins, News, Shoutouts -- Presentation -- Discussion -- Shared Governance Activities -- Senate Committee Updates -- Campus/University Business Updates & Discussions
Minutes: (Call to Order and Wins, News, Shoutouts): Attendance -- Guests -- (Presentation): SEM 2025 / Dr. Carolyn Shaw, AP Academic Affairs -- (Discussion): Dialogue on University's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan -- Staff Senate Meetings for Spring -- General Counsel Policy -- (Shared Governance Activities): COVID Operations Group -- Parking and Transportation Advisory Board -- University Space Utilization Committee -- Integrated Planning Committee -- Faculty/Staff Holiday Celebration Steering Committee -- Executive Director OIEC Search Committee -- Chief of Police Search Committee -- EVP and Provost Search Committee -- (Senate Committee Updates): Communications Website -- Awards and Recognition -- Professional Development and Service -- Elections -- Policy Review -- Ad-Hoc Committees on Annual Evaluations -- Executive -- (Campus/University Business Updates and Discussions): Academic Operations Council -- Budget Advisory Committee -- Human Resources -- Legislative Update and KBOR Briefing -- Parking Appeals and Traffic Appeals -- President's Meeting -- RSC Board of Directors -- UPS/USS President's Council (KBOR) -- (Adjourn/Upcoming Meetings and Events)
Attachments contain Senate meeting minutes with Vietnamese translation.