The Sunflower, 1926-1927, no.01, September 17, 1926

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.21 no.1. Wichita, Kansas, September 17, 1926. - 8 pages

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Article(s): Fifteen added to University teachers staff: News members are brought from widely scattered points to University -- Yell leaders to try out Wednesday: Student Council to conduct preliminary selection in next assembly -- Professor creates deep impression -- Y.M. and Y.W. plan for successful year: Both associations have established headquarters in new rooms in Fiske Hall -- Sunflower is cited for work -- Dr. Finlayson opens new year by convocation: "The venture of democracy" forms theme of the President's welcoming speech -- Greetings -- Three loan funds offered to students: Members of various schols [sic] in University to benefit from money given them -- Student body gets handbooks -- New enrollment taxes capacity of University: Classes are closed as new students flock to fill University -- State Y.M. men visit campus: Harold Calvin and B. V. Edworthy visit local college associations -- Jones on Y.M.C.A. trip to Europe: Visits many points of fame on extended tour to Old Country -- Dr. Swarz offers prizes for best yell -- Fort Snelling frolics -- Did you ever stop to think / Edison R. Waite -- Two students on world tour: Lucille Loomis and Tom Harley make world-wide tour on ship -- Societies move to new homes: Two frats move off campus; Women's societies take new rooms -- Kansas has another author -- In memorium: Elizabeth Estill -- Doris Kenyon gets trouseau ready between scenes at studio -- All-school mixer to be big affair: Social season to be opened next Friday by annual party -- Many girls are unwed because the cost of courting is so high -- I have done my best / O. Lawrence Hawthorne -- R.O.T.C. cadets at Fort Snelling: Thirteen Fairmount men make annual summer camp for training -- Perfect 36 becomes size 16 in woman's desire to be young -- White ants attack favorite food -- Conference at Estes success: Y. M. and Y. W. delegates spend profitable days in scenic paradise -- Big squad out for football: Forty men answer Umnus' call for varsity candidates on Monday morning -- Jeffries was drugged by gamblers to make bets on Johnson safe -- Former student wins camp title -- The penant race -- Hard season for gridsters -- Board of Regents sets visitors day: Sunday 26, declared day for visits to University campus -- United States civil service examination -- Frosh gets first shakeup -- College seal contest open -- Soothing Susan sympathizes -- Holyoke Hall hilites