The Sunflower, v.47, no.11 (November 20, 1941)

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College newspapers and periodicals , Wichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers , Student publications , Wichita State University -- History , Black students , Hangen, Eva Catherine
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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.47, no.11, Wichita, Kansas, November 20, 1941 - 4 pages
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Article(s): Shockers point to St. Louis U. -- 'Wildflower' rehearsals begin -- Different books available in Library -- Mikesell makes teachers' survey -- Angulo will conduct tour to Old Mexico -- Directory names range from birds to religions, animals -- Confederate money proves of interest to students -- Only paid grads will get paper -- Canadian visitor describes paper -- Downtown group is self-governed -- Students use Commons more this year than ever before -- Extension work given at W.U. -- Master's degrees have gone to 184 -- Rare books are in Library display -- Sunflower to appear Wednesday -- Parnassus pix schedule to close Friday -- Hangen writes book on Wyatt -- Student attends meet -- Pi Alphs move into new home -- Ricketts goes to meeting of economists -- Thanksgiving Day has been changed to many different dates -- Bryant is named as new physics teacher -- Spines speaks to marketing class -- Representative of Northwestern here -- Holiday convo is Monday -- Income taxes increase for '41 -- Dunn is transferred -- Aesculapius meets -- Privilege of freedom is enjoyed by the American public today -- Japanese situation must wait until Hitler is put in his place -- Do collegiate professors hate to face an intelligent woman? -- Typed on a Wednesday / Fred Higginson -- Shocking news -- University bulletin -- Shocker shots / Boles -- Advantages and disadvantages of fraternities and sororities -- Hillbrand to speak -- Youngest coed is colored girl from Kansas City -- Kansas teachers work for defense -- Independent girls' party theme is 'Barb Wire Tangle' -- Matrix to pledge seven at dinner -- Hedrick-Burford rites announced -- Independent boys have stag supper -- Hornung speaks for Y.W. meeting -- Pi Alpha Pi names pledge class for prominent alumnus -- University Dames plan third meeting -- Writan club hears Ebel at meeting -- University Players pledge 14 students -- Varsity Crew to play -- 'Kissing-must-stop' survey to prove osculating taboo -- Roundabout the campus / Cattie Hattie -- Groups to make cards -- University women to entertain Chips -- Educational group pledges seven girls -- Present-day coed wants career now, family later / Associated Collegiate Press -- University Players make an officer of every pledge / David Mackey -- Wilkie to speak -- Davis reviews book -- Shockers point to St. Louis U. -- Alpha Gam b team meets rambler b's -- Handball opens next Monday on sports program -- Whan aids with institute -- Washington U. stops freshmen -- In a Shocker sports corner / Bill Hodge -- Vikings win bowling tournament -- Gym shorts / Frances Blume -- Mikesell speaks -- Drills keep basketball teams occupied -- Alumni plays hockey varsity
Photograph(s): Conducts tour: Prof. J.E. Angulo, instructor in Spanish at the University, will conduct a 14-day trip to Old Mexico during the Christmas vacation. p. 1 -- Convo speaker: Dr. Roy L. Smith, Chicago editor and former chautauqua [sic] speaker, will address students and faculty at convocation in the Auditorium on Monday, November 24, at 10:20 a.m. p. 1 -- [Fred] Higginson. p. 2 -- Party chairman: Catherine Schermuly. p. 3 -- Alpha Tau girls start fire: (From left to right) Lorraine Blood, Mary Lou Southworth, Charlayne Crow, Shirley Bishop and Suzy Gay. Also pictured is Chleo, the dog. / photo by Knox. p. 3 -- Doggett and Brazzil, two formidable Shocker tackles: Two stalwart tackles in the Shocker line. 211-pound Keith Doggett and 219-pound Ted Brazzil, are expected to do heavy duty for the Wichita team when it meets the St. Louis University Billikens next Saturday afternoon. Doggett is a senior and will be playing his next to last game with the Shockers, while Brazzil, injured in practice early in the season, will be playing his first game since the Shockers' season opener. p. 4
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The Sunflower
v.47 no.11
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