1991-09-30 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of September 30, 1991. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 1991-1992, v.5

Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal proposals and statements) -- (Old business): Report of the Task Force on Undergraduate Experience (second reading) -- (New business)
Attachments: Interdepartmental memorandum regarding the timeline for filling an empty senate seat / Chuck Romig -- Time line of events
Minutes: Summary of action: The Task Force for General Education proposal vote was a tie. Motion to send the proposal without recommendation to the General Faculty passed. -- (Informal proposals and statements): Handicapped Access Protest / Vice President Rhatigan -- Possibility of tuition waiver / Senator Duell -- Proposal to make resumes of candidates up for election of Executive Committee, Vice President and President available / Professor Fridman -- Observation of rally October 1 / Senator Perel -- Question of Mr. Suderman not being truthful to the City Commission / Senator Erickson -- Subject of levy money at joint meeting of City Council and County Commission / Senator Farnsworth -- Memo regarding timeline of Education Senator seat / Senator Romig -- Request for shortened responses / Senator Kahn -- Fall Honors Convocation / President Mandt -- Ad Hoc Committee on Tenure and Promotion update / Senator Alexander -- Report regarding search of Executive Director of the Endowment Association / President Mandt -- (Old business): Report of the Task Force on the Undergraduate Experience -- Faculty Executive Committee minutes of meeting of October 1, 1991