2018-04-09 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of April 9, 2018. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2017-2018, v.31

Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report): Retention Council meeting: Remarkable number of efforts being made by so many people. SEM Goal 3 reports. SEAS data report -- Creation of an Advisory Committee -- (Committee reports): Provost Search Committee update / Betty Smith Campbell -- Rules -- (Old business): BAS - 2nd reading -- (New business): FYS proposal - 1st reading: Recommendation that the pilot proposal from 2015 be adopted as a required component of the curriculum for incoming freshmen starting in Fall 2019 -- Supporting documents -- Academic Honesty policy - 1st reading -- 2.17 Policy -- Procedures -- Flow chart diagram --WSIA / Stacia Boden -- Sunflower editor, Chance Swaim -- (Attendance)
Attachments> President's Report: Office of Planning & Analysis' SEAS data report -- 2nd reading: Bachelor of Applied Sciences program -- 1st reading: Proposal for First Year Seminar at WSU: List of FYS courses taught during the FYS Pilot Program, Fall 2016 - Spring 2018; Student Survey Results; Faculty report on FYS Fl 2016; FYS Instructor feedback for Faculty Senate GenEd Committee, Spring 2018; General Education writing rubric assessment, fall 2016 / Office of Planning & Analysis; Fall 2016 FYS report on persistence and GPA performance / Office of Planning & Analysis -- Academic Honesty Policy: Policy draft: 2.17 / Student Academic Integrity; Student Academic Integrity Process Procedures; Alleged incident of academic misconduct flow chart
Minutes: Summary of action: Voted to confirm nominated members to the U. Exceptions Committee -- Voted to approve a motion to support the College of Education’s proposal for a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Workforce Leadership and Applied Learning (BAS-WFAL). The motion passed by a vote of 26 in favor, 3 opposed and 4 abstentions -- (Informal statements and proposals): A group of faculty has been working toward a new cluster hire in space science, space engineering, space health and planetary sciences -- (President's report): Joint Senate meeting April 18 -- General Education Revision Committee composition is almost completed, but still need student rep and honors rep. Q: Are student and advisors voting members? Have not discussed that yet. -- Retention Council meeting. Remarkable number of efforts being made by so many people. SEM Goal 3 reports. Discussed SEAS data report – linked on Senate web site: Creation of an Advisory council on sustainability of innovation campus through broader dialogue with faculty -- Reminder of off-sequence meeting on May 7 (1st Monday) and also all-faculty meeting on May 4 -- (Committee reports): Provost Search Committee update / Betty Smith Campbell -- Vote to confirm University Exceptions Committee members -- (Old business): Bachelor’s in Applied Sciences (from College of Education) (2nd reading) -- (New business): First Year Seminar proposal - 1st reading -- Academic Integrity policy - 1st reading -- WSIA / Stacia Boden -- Sunflower editor / Chance Swaim -- (Attendance)