A balanced usability checklist approach to evaluate Palestinian hotel websites

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Abdinnour, Sue
Chaparro, Barbara S.

Sue Abdinnour, Barbara S Chaparro; A Balanced Usability Checklist Approach to Evaluate Palestinian Hotel Websites; The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries; 01/2007; 31(2); P.1-12.


This paper introduces a Balanced Usability Checklist (BUC) approach to assess the usability of ten Palestinian hotel websites. The BUC is a modified version of the known checklist analysis technique of user interfaces and includes dimensions for User Friendliness, Attractiveness, Marketing Effectiveness, and Technical Aspects of a website. Eight participants with experience in website design and usability were asked to evaluate each of the ten websites using the BUC approach. Overall, the hotel websites faired poorly on three out of the four dimensions. A relative ranking, based on the total score, was used to rank the hotels from 1 (highest) to 10 (lowest). This study has numerous implications, mainly for hotel managers wanting to improve the delivery of their services on the Internet. Results, limitations, and future research are discussed.

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