1970-04-27 University Senate meeting

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University Senate. Agenda and Minutes of the Meeting, April 27, 1970. -- University Senate Meetings, 1969-1970, v.6
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Agenda: Approval of minute of meeting of April 13, 1970 -- Mr. Stucky's motion concerning student representation on the Senate -- Annual report of Summer School Committees / Mr. Terwilliger -- Annual report of Research Committee / Mr. Breazeale -- Addition to annual report of Committee on Curriculum and Academic Planning / Mr. Smith -- 'Project Together' report / Mr. Friesen -- Recommendations of Committee on University Governance / Mr. Magelli -- Annual report of the Traffic Committee / Mr. Hong
Summer School Annual Report: Personnel -- Summary School Advisory Committee -- Budget -- Breakdown of credit hours by colleges -- Attendance at professional meetings and conferences -- Visiting lectures at WSU -- Restricted fee workshops -- Specially funded summer school offerings -- Faculty -- Students -- Summary -- Appendices -- Summary of head count enrollments of state and municipal institutions -- Summer leisure guide -- Regents Committee on Enrollment Evaluation
Research and Publications Committee report to the Senate spring: Distribution of Awards
Addition to annual report WSU Curriculum and Academic Planning Committee: Motions -- Inhalation Therapy Department -- Definition -- Objectives -- Planning Budget Staff -- Curriculum -- Summary Budget: Health Sciences -- Specific Inhalation Therapy titles and numbers -- Essentials of an acceptable school for Inhalation Therapy Technicians -- Inhalation Therapy -- Inhalation Therapy Curriculum -- Inhalation Therapy Clinical Curriculum
Summary Prospectus: Project Together A WSU Program of Special Services for Disadvantaged Students -- Special Services Student -- Criteria -- Objective -- Need at WSU -- Program -- Project Together Prospectus -- Organization and Administration -- Advisory Board -- Project Director -- Coordinators -- Departmental Tutor Supervisors -- Student Tutors -- Counselors -- Student Counselors -- Budget
Correspondence to Faculty Senate Agenda Committee Recommendations of Committee on University
Report of the University Traffic Committee to the University Senate: Functioning of the Committee -- Special Problems -- Performance of Student Members -- Accomplishments of the Committee -- Recommendations on Future Tasks -- A Proposal -- Proposal for a New University Traffic Court
Minutes: Approval of Minutes -- Motion concerning student representation on the Senate -- Annual Report of Summer School Committee -- Research Committee Report -- Additional Recommendation on Committee on Curriculum and Academic Planning -- Project Together Report -- Committee on University Goverance Report
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Wichita State University, University Senate Archives
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