The ACSM strategic health initiative on aging

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Rogers, Michael E.

Rogers, Michael E., 2012. The ACSM Strategic Health Initiative on Aging. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, v.20 supplement pp.s20-s21


To enhance its activities related to physical activity and exercise in older adults, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) established the Strategic Health Initiative on Aging (SHI-A). This presentation will describe the major activities and accomplishments of the initiative. SHI-A is led by ACSM members with expertise in physical activity and aging. SHI-A provides leadership in professional education, programming, partnership engagement, and identifying research-related opportunities for ACSM. For example, the committee is actively engaged in building synergies with Exercise is Medicine. SHI-A led the revision of ACSM’s Position Stand on Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults. It is responsible for writing the ACSM Best Practices Statement on Physical Activity Programs and Behaviour Counselling in Older Adult Populations. SHI-A has also supported the development of a new screening tool for older adults called EASY (Exercise And Screening for You) as well as the Active Aging Toolkit. The initiative has directed active aging training modules at regional ACSM meetings. SHI-A was a key partner in the development and implementation of The National Blueprint: Increasing Physical Activity Among Adults Age 50 and Over, and the ACSM/AHA Physical Activity Guidelines for the Older Adult. The initiative collaborated with the U.S. National Institute on Aging Exercise Workbook, the 2008 Guidelines for Physical Activity for Americans, the Active Aging Community Center, and the U.S. National Physical Activity Plan. Participants in SHI-A have also developed ACSM Policy Roundtables, participate in subsequent policy workgroups, and encourage ACSM members to submit sessions to the Health and Fitness Summit and propose symposia for Annual Meeting that focus on aging and activity.

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