1997-11-10 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of November 10, 1997. Faculty Senate Meetings, 1997-1998, v.11
Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report) -- (Committee reports): A. Rules Committee / Elmer Hoyer -- (Old business): A. Dismissal for Cause policy / President Hughes -- (New business): A. Year 2000 Computer update / John Hutchinson (This item will be immediately after the call to order) -- B. December Graduation / Brady Finch -- C. Intellectual Property Policy Discussion
Attachments: intellectual Property Policy: Major Issues for Discussion -- Hughes: WSU faculty accountable on numerous levels / Eugene M. Hughes
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Elected William Stevenson Senator to replace Dean Kukral, LAS Math/Natural Science for 2 yr. term -- (President's report): Comments on rebuttals and protestations emerging since the Draft Strategic Plan -- (Rules Committee): William Stevenson elected by the LAS Math/Natural Science senators to replace Dean Kukral -- (Old business): Dismissal for Cause policy / Eugene Hughes -- (New business): A. Year 2000 / John Hutchinson -- B. December Graduation celebration / Brady Finch and Lori Sturges -- C. Intellectual Property policy / President Terrell