MMSE-based optimal design of full-duplex relay system

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Lee, Kanghee
Kwon, Hyuck M.
Jo, Mansik
Park, Hyuncheol
Lee, Yong H.

Kanghee Lee; Kwon, H.M.; Mansik Jo; Hyuncheol Park; Lee, Y.H., "MMSE-Based Optimal Design of Full-Duplex Relay System," Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Fall), 2012 IEEE , vol., no., pp.1,5, 3-6 Sept. 2012


This paper studies minimum mean square error (MMSE)-based full-duplex relay processing matrices and source/destination beamforming vectors under perfect channel state information by imposing constraints on the transmit power of source, relay, both, separately, and in various combinations. The main contribution of this paper is the derivation of a set of relay processing and source/destination beamforming vectors under diverse conditions of transmit power constraints on the source and relay. By comparing the bit error rate (BER) performance of each case, an efficient design of a full-duplex amplify-and-forward relay system is presented.

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