The Sunflower, 1926-1927, no.23, March 04, 1927

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.21, no.23. Wichita, Kansas, March 04, 1927. - 8 pages

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Article(s): Wichita U. Team takes second in the conference: Team wins fourteen out of fitteen games played; Possible tie for championship -- Women open debate season with Bethal: Negative team will go to Bethel while affirmative will represent school at home -- Letter discovered by miss Clough proves valuable treasure -- Frances L. Perry visits local YWCA: Regional secretary studies organizations at Friends and Wichita University -- Eichelberger at Dallas meeting -- Wichita R.O.T.C will participate in annual circus: Wichita unit to be represented at convention hall; To have machine gun exhibition -- Wichita U. debaters meet friends tonight: Second debate of conference season held tonight at college chapels -- Dr. O.L Troxel speaks in Chapel -- Corps area rifle match completed: Marion Phillips makes highest score; Culver and Nebraska matches fired this week -- Twi new men on student council -- Sorosis society wins Parnassus sales contest; Sells most books during twi months race- Pi Kappa Psi takes second - Helen McCausland resigned position -- Fischer elected to State Office -- Kodak contest closed March 15: Each society has elected candidate in contest to secure Snap-shots for Parnassus -- Automobile believed to be unnecessary as educational epuipment -- Gym class team plays Cathedral -- who's who and whyon the W.U Campus -- Class receives needed material -- McBurney placed on Eagle's all-state -- Four societies hold initiation services -- Delta Omega spring formal this evening -- Basketeers are Pi Kappa Psi Guests -- "The Drive" -- New plan formed for registration: Dean Mikesell announces new arrangements to be made for next year -- $200 in prizes for readers guide ideas -- Students give opinion on recent forum news -- It was such a sweet letter, but she lost it in public place -- Opera "Tannhaeuser" is well presented -- Ross McBurney honored on All-State Team -- Wheatschocker stars chosen on the official all-conference teams -- History of Traditions -- Students of customs class being tested by new experient -- Chicago Civic Opera company here soon -- Incidental stimulus subject of lecture: Miesell gives third lecture on child psychology at high school auditorium -- Curl College Comments -- Dean troxel aids prospective teachers -- Girl's rifle team wins first match -- Pittsburg wins conference title -- Wot a Life