Evaluating the effectiveness of program delivery of leadership training

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Radley, Katelyn
Bolin, Brien L.

Radley, Katelyn. 2018. Evaluating the effectiveness of program delivery of leadership training -- 18th Annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum. Wichita, KS: Wichita State University, p. 29


The purpose of this evaluative descriptive research will be to understand how the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) can improve in both program delivery and the evaluation of trainings. Using existing quantitative and qualitative data collected after leadership trainings, this research will be aimed at program improvements. Through analysis of end of program feedback forms, the investigators hope to learn what ideas have been most useful to participants over the past several years. The research will allow investigators to explore ideas that the participants in the program find helpful or difficult to apply to their own leadership challenges. Recommendations on potential program evaluation process improvements will be submitted to the organization. Methods: This study will deploy descriptive methods to evaluate the KLC trainings. There are 1817 surveys that will be used for this study. Data was collected over the course of 2017 in KLC’s three core programs, You Lead Now, Lead for Change, and Equip Lead. Findings, Interpretations, and Summary: Preliminary quantitative analysis indicates that the Equip to Lead and Lead for Change programs tend to be most helpful to participants in regards to making progress on their leadership challenges. In contrast, the You Lead Now program struggled to reach previous benchmarks set by the organization. These preliminary findings will be used to understand how the organization might capitalize on successes of certain programs while also improving the experience for participants who attend a program at the leadership center.

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Second place winner of poster presentations at the 18th Annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum (URCAF) held at the Rhatigan Student Center, Wichita State University, April 6, 2017.