1970-1971 University Senate corresponding documents

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University Senate
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University Senate. Documents. -- University Senate Meetings, 1970-1971, v.7
Table of Contents
Student Government Association members: Elected and appointed members list: Senate committee reports: Schedule
Committee assignments: Academic committee -- Athletic committee -- Building committee -- Extension and related services committee -- Legislative committee -- Medical center committee -- State colleges coordinating committee -- Commission representative -- Board members -- Regents home and office addresses and telephone numbers
Mailing list: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Selection of senator: Vote for two of these nominees
WSU correspondence: University Senate nominations
Unassigned faculty list: Members
Apparent existing vacancies in Senate committees: Library -- Continuing education -- Athletic -- Public occasions -- Summer school -- Student faculty relations -- Court of student academic appeals --Traffic court -- Committee on committees
Progress report project together: Introductory statement -- Student development componenet -- Academic tutoring component -- Academic grades recorded -- Narratives highlights -- Addendum -- Department of health education and welfare -- Project proposal -- Certification to DHEW cities relatedness -- Thank you letter -- A proposal submitted to Assistant Secretary of Education for support through the special services for disadvantaged students in institutions of higher education -- Introduction -- Institutional programs -- Retention policies -- Grading systems -- Other related policies and programs -- Financial aids -- Financial aid retention requirements -- Financial aid to special services students -- Selection of students -- Physically disabled students -- Institutional conditions and special services -- Physically disabled -- Program components -- Proposal development -- Organizational chart -- Position description -- Educational background -- Military service -- Academic honors -- Vocational experience -- Other community involvement -- Program modification -- Budget summary -- Budget explanation -- Other related contributions -- Appendices -- College of Business Administration probation and dismissal standards -- School of Engineering probation and dismissal standards -- Fairmount College probation and dismissal standards -- College of Fine Arts probation and dismissal standards -- University College probation and dismmissal standards -- Appendix
Group salary continuance program for unclassified employees -- Purpose -- Eligibility -- Coverage -- Disability benefit -- Benefits
Honor society of PHI KAPPA PHI
Newspaper article: Alumini representative makes a point
American liberty and repression: New York Times report -- American civil liberties union -- A letter to secretary from AFSC executive secretary -- AFSC peace education staff member -- Preventive detention -- Wiretapping -- No-knock -- Employee screening -- Organized crime -- Pre-arrest identification -- Demonstration -- Death penalty -- Data bank on political activity -- Mail opening -- Crime tests for kids -- Surveillance -- Other ASC offices in this region is listed
Correspondence: Academic freedom and tenure -- AAUP statement on academic freedom -- AAUP statement on professional ethic -- AAUP resolution on censorship of textbooks
Annual report: Faculty involvement -- AAUP document -- Desirable circumstance for successful government -- Campus goverment -- Proposed structural changes
Wichita State University
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Wichita State University, University Senate Archives
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