Proceedings of the 2008 International IEMS Conference, Cocoa Beach, Florida, March 10-12, 2008

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International Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems

Proceedings of the 2008 International IEMS Conference. Ed. Nabeel Yousef. Cocoa Beach, Florida U.S.A. March 10-12, 2008


This book features the proceedings of the 14th Annual International Conference on Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (IEMS'08) held March 10-12, 2008 in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Proceedings includes 32 papers presented at the conference.

Table of Content
Evaluating the Security Vulnerabilities in Milk Collection and Transport / Shalini Jajpuria and Suraj M. Alexander -- Improving the Logistics of Milk Collection and Transport / Praveen Janjirala and Suraj M. Alexander -- A Look at Closing Loop in the Undergraduate Project Management Class / Stephen Allen -- Information and Telecommunications Technology: Blueprint for Social-Economic Growth in Developing Nations / Shahram Amiri -- Dedicated Account Teams: Worth the Costs? / Gordon Arbogast -- Process Focus and Commitment: The Key to ISO 9001 Implementation / Michael Bell and Vincent Omachonu -- Hydrographic Mission Planning Prototype Combing GIS and AutoSurvey / Donald Brandon, Brian Bourgeois, Ashley Morris -- Supply Chain Management: Past, Present, and Future / John J. Burbridge, Jr. and Coleman Rich -- Changing the Human Dimension in Information Security / Deborah S. Carstens and Stephanie M. Rockfield -- The New Approach Based on RSM and Ants Colony System for Multiobjective Optimization Problem: A Case Study / Thien-My Dao -- Barthelemy H.Ateme-Nguema, and Victor Songmene -- Process Improvement in the Emergency Department at Moses Cone Hospital / Y. Desai, E. Park, P. Demattos, J. Park -- Development of a Web-Based Manufacturing Education Tool / Daniel J. Fonseca, Terry Brumback, Christopher M. Greene, Matthew E. Elam -- Minimizing Line of Duty Deaths (LODD) for Firefighters through Proposing a Tracking System to Track Fire Fighters at Fire Scenes / Nabeel Yousef and Tarig Ali -- Addressing the Engineering Needs of the Nuclear Power Industry / Wei Zhan, Jacob Schulz, John Crenshaw and Tim Hurst -- Partial Discharge (PD): PSPICE Simulations / Andrzej Gapinski -- On Learning Performance Analogy Between Some Psycho-Learning Experiment Work and Ant Colony System Optimization / H.M. Hassan and Saleh M. Al-Saleem -- A Multivariate Statistical Approach to Analyze Nursing Errors / Xiaochun Jiang, BaaSheba Rice, Gerald Watson, and Eui Park / Implementing Innovative Performance Improvement Practices: Effects of Workplace Deception / Jerry W. Koehler and Thomas W. Philippe -- Developing an Information Strategy for Civil Aviation Competitiveness: The Joint Technical Data Integration (JTDI) Project at Morgan State University / Cynthia Brown-LaVeist, S.K. Hargrove, J. Doswell, Deborah Ihezie -- Dimensions of Service Quality for TV Satellite Channel Programs - A Framework for Quality Improvement / Ashraf H. Galal and Tamer A. Mohamed -- An Intelligent Expert System for Those Who Wish to Become Billionaires / Robert L. Mullen -- An Intelligent Expert System for Those Entering the Internet/Web Industry / Robert L. Mullen -- Asessing Six Sigma Project Improvements - A Statistical Perspective / Ali Ahmad and Isabelina Nahmens -- A Novel Method to Investigate the Possible Locations of Human Body Injuries During a Vertical Fall / Imshaan Somani, Ha Van Vo, and R. Radharamanan -- Product and Process Improvement in Electronic Manufacturing / Angela P. Ansuj and R. Radharamanan -- Determining the Most Effective Midsole Material Thickness in Preventing Calcaneal Fractures / Jonathan B. Ksor, Ha Van Vo, and R. Radharamanan -- Developing a Database that Executes Comprehensive Comparative Analysis Among Undergraduate Industrial Engineering Programs Nationwide -- / Federica Robinson, Mario Marin, Serge Sala-Diakanda, Jose Sepulveda, Luis Rabelo, Kent Williams -- Applying Six Sigma to Service Organizations: A Case for the Florida Department of Children and Families / Alicia Combs, Mihaela Petrova-Bolli, Eric Tucker, and Dana Johnston -- Resource Utilizations: A Study on How to Implement a Communication System / Kendra Lee, LaShaveria Keeton, Carsolina Walton, Tiki L. Suarez-Brown -- The Revolution of Six-Sigma: An Analysis of its Theory and Application / Dominque Drake and J.S. Sutterfield -- The Use of Taguchi Methods to Optimize Shape Factors for Maximum Water Jet Stability / J.S. Sutterfield, Sade L. Chaney, and Tiffany R. Davis -- In's and Out's of Produce Placement / Kaylene C. Williams, Al. Petrosky, Edward H. Hernandez and Robert Page
Digitized and published in SOAR: Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services, May 2022.
The IEMS'08 conference committee: California State University Stanislaus Department of Management, Operations, and Marketing Department (Sponsor); Nael Aly (Conference Co-Chair); Ahmad Elshennawy (Conference Co-Chair); Alfred Petrosky (Program Chair); Adel Ali (Program Coordinator); Nabeel Yousef (Publications Editor)
Includes author index.