Editorial: Message from SAMPE's global president

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Vizzini, Anthony

Vizzini, Anthony. 2014. Editorial: Message from SAMPE's global president. SAMPE Journal, vol. 50:no. 4:ppg. 2-2, Published: JUL-AUG 2014


A message from SAMPE'S global president: The last time I wrote this note, I was ending my tenure as the International President of SAMPE. I am now writing as the Global President of SAMPE. So much has occurred in the world in that time. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mysteriously disappeared from the air, the crisis in Ukraine heightened East-West tensions, Edward Snowden upended the intelligence community in the United States, and the Catholic world greeted Pope Francis, its first Jesuit pope. In the past two years, so much has occurred in the SAMPE world which is simplified by a transition of a single word – international to global. Maybe not so much of a major headline, this transition has been critical for SAMPE and its future.

For those who have worked through the transition and have formed the new organizational structure that we call SAMPE Global, the change is significant and meaningful. For many others it may only be a nuance. As a former member of the International Executive Cabinet, I can recall the many strategic discussions we had trying to position SAMPE in an international arena. Conferences were planned, short courses were taught, and summits were held. Colleagues from Europe and Japan provided wise counsel. In the end the brand was strengthened, but the approach was a US centric view. My view of the world of SAMPE felt narrow. Success was measured by the conferences held in the US. How could this be the best we could obtain for our society? So we as a society embarked on a journey to radically change the organization of its volunteer leadership. In a relatively short period we reorganized how the international volunteers approached the issues facing our society. Regions would focus on their specific concerns and bring a diverse view to the global board.

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