Sensor fusion of structural finite element model with inertial sensor data to measure wing deflection of a fixed wing aircraft

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Schirmer, Georg
Steck, James E.
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Pressure sensors , Resonant circuits , Ceramic technology
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Sensor Fusion Of Structural Finite Element Model With Inertial Sensor Data To Measure Wing Deflection Of A Fixed Wing Aircraft Georg Schirmer and James E. Steck AIAA Scitech 2020 Forum. January

This research is a continuation of prior experimental work describing the application of sensor fusion to obtain structural wing deflection data with acceptable accuracy. A Kalman filter design is described introducing a structural dynamics finite element model of a flat plate for the purpose of predicting the states of a simple wing structure. An array of advanced 3-axis IMU motion processors provide the complimentary measurements to the Kalman state estimator. The relevant equations for prediction and measurement are discussed as well as the corresponding system integration. Emphasis is given to the extensive bench and wind tunnel testing methods of the final system design, namely the experimental setup of static and dynamic deflection testing. This includes the introduction of an advanced 3D optical camera system for adequate result validation. Results of the system design are discussed and future work is proposed which includes the continuing development of a more advanced structural FEA models to incorporate complex wing structures and the use of higher accuracy sensors units.

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