The Sunflower, v.48, no.21 (March 4, 1943)

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College newspapers and periodicals , Wichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers , Student publications , Wichita State University -- History , Taylor, Ross McLaury, 1909-1977 , World War II , World War, 1939-1945
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Article(s): Trainees begin campus life -- Sinning is named Parnassus queen for the 1943 yearbook -- Jardine talks to Air Corps men -- What our visitors think of Wichita, its campus, people -- Soldiers to attend campus play free -- University coeds add Army slang to vocabularies -- Airmen attend first classes on Thursday -- Red Cross drive gets underway -- Jardine ends ninth year -- University goes all out -- Shocker shots / Olberding -- Alumni military service list -- Typed on a Wednesday / Joan O'Bryant -- Collegiate digest / Associated Collegiate Press -- Army air training students will give dance for coeds -- Roundabout the campus / Graham's Slams -- Enough food to feed an Army is typical order at Commons -- Matrix will have founders day meet -- Bryant supervises food at Commons -- Epsilon Kappa Rho will have party -- Finney will speak to Aesculapians -- University again has Army men -- Girls must attend meeting Friday -- Taylor completes text on writing -- Women's sports / Frances Jameson -- Shocker victory ends soon -- Medical exams begin March 9 -- Wichita is 'air capital' of area -- City churches invite trainees -- Alpha Tau house is Army hospital -- Education office issues bulletin -- Hillbrand articles appear in issues -- Fiske Hall becomes campus dormitory for second period -- Books are judged by faculty group -- President sure of good future for school here -- Old council to decide election -- War bond, stamp sale nears $3,500 -- Second fine arts concert is Sunday -- Library extends study facilities -- New requirements for N.Y.A. are made
Photograph(s): 'Off we go into the great blue yonder': America's might in the air (as well as on the land or on the sea) here is depicted by a composite photograph from Randolph Field, the aim and aspiration of many a young flier. It is the spirit embodied in this picture which came to the University this week with the Army Air Corps Training Students who have been quartered here for a five-month period of intensive work and drill. p. 1 -- Joan O'Bryant. p. 2 -- Sinning is Parnassus Queen: Virginia Sinning, freshman member of Sorosis sorority, was selected as Parnassus Queen by the editors of Collegiate Digest in the contest recently sponsored by the University yearbook. p. 3 -- Commissioned officers: Pictured above are the commissioned officers stationed on the University campus with the unit of Air Corps training students who arrived here Friday evening. From left to right they are: Capt. Leland A. Whitney, First Lieut. John J. Doran, First Lieut. Robert L. Davis, Jr., and Second Lieut. Fay H. Hurt. First Lieut. Thomas J. Williamson is not pictured. p. 6 -- Airmen to aid trainees: These men, mostly Sergeants, will assist in the training of the groups of Air Corps training students on the campus. They include from left to right, front row, Sgt. Henry J. Kristak, Sgt. David L. Rumley, Tech. Sgt. Ben D. Galloway, Sgt. Robert E. Nicholas, and Sgt. Harlton L. Newman; second row, Sgt. Clifton W. Taliaferro, Pfc. Edgar G. Velvin, Pvt. Thomas P. Kiniry, and Staff Sgt. John T. Boczak. Technician fourth grade Warren D. Sligar is not pictured. p. 7 -- Dr. [William M.] Jardine. p. 8 -- Air Corps Major: Maj. H. J. Watters is commanding officer of the Army Air Corps unit now stationed on the University campus. He is pictured as he writes at his desk in Henrion Gymnasium, making arrangements for feeding, housing, and drilling the cadets. p. 8
The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.48, no.21, Wichita, Kansas, March 4, 1943. - 8 pages
University of Wichita
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