2018-2019 McNair Scholars Programs: Journal of research reports

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Office of Special Programs

Office of Special Programs, McNair Scholars Program: Journal of research reports, 2018-2019, v.24, 106 pages.

Table of Content
Stickwriting approach for children with autism and social communication disorders / Ana Astoquilca -- Is God a woman?: Veneration of Ancient Near Eastern goddesses / McKenna Douglass -- Hate speech and authority figures: Harms and the need for regulation / Courtney Minor -- Black men's needs and assets assessment / Whitney Cravens -- Smiley-o-meters display children's opinions of books and iPad activities during a summer literacy camp / Alondra Del Real -- Skin wearable pH sensor / Rex Hafenstine -- Assessing the functionality of the support groups in Kansas website through an analysis of its improvements / Raven Hodges -- Church sisters vs sorority sisters: Black women in Cabin in the Sky and School Daze / Lily Jackson -- Caregivers' perceptions of WSU's iSLP / Esmeralda Paez -- Nationalism in American legislation / Eugene Potts -- Impact of foreign aid on governance, quality of life, and the economy / Christian Saldana -- K-12 computer education via Scratch: Summary / Zane Storlie -- Improving health equity in female adolescence and womanhood in the state of Kansas / Inneké L. Vargas -- Effects of violent literature on aggression / Abel Velasquez