1992-03-02 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of March 2, 1992. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 1991-1992, v.5

Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal proposals and statements) -- (President's report) -- (Committee report): Planning and Budget Committee report on faculty and administrative salaries / Senator Kitch -- (Old business): Consideration of resolutions arising from Committee of the Whole discussions on February 24 -- (New business): Proposal seeking support from the mill levy for Senate activities -- (Meeting of the Committee of the Whole): Discussion of Regents Task Force report on faculty evaluation -- (Report of the Committee of the Whole)
Attachments: Draft of request for mill levy funds -- Task Force on Faculty Evaluation report to the Kansas Board of Regents / Rick Harman -- Straw vote in the bond issue proposal
Minutes: (Informal proposals and statements): Differences in election procedures for University at large senators and college at large senators / Senator Farnsworth -- Concerns about elections / Senator Bajaj -- Five buildings constructed on the campus in violation of handicap laws / Senator Perel -- (President's report): Delay on action on A.A.S. degree -- Performance review of administration -- Joint faculty appointments revisions nearing conclusion -- President Mandt and President Elect Griffith met with V.P. King and Michael Wall, new Executive Director of the Endowment Association -- Concerns about administrative reviews -- Announcement of General Faculty meeting, March 5, 1992 -- Questions about joint appointments -- (Committee report): Executive summary of the salary study / Senator Kitch -- (Old business): Planning and Budget Committee straw poll -- Inquiry about deadlines on mill levy and Regents Task Force proposals / Senator Clark -- Communications needs new quarters / Senator Kahn -- Discussion of mill levy / Senator Farnsworth -- Senate opinion on committee / Senator Rogers -- Lack of information on Elliott School / Senator Duell