The colonization of Native American reservations in 'Tracks' and in 21st century America

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Lubbers-Payne, Mercedes

This study is a comparative analysis of the novel Tracks by Louise Erdrich to events surrounding the current Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) project at the edge of Tribal reservation land, which has spawned the NODAPL movement led by Native Americans. By comparing a story of ongoing colonization and destruction of Native Americans and their reservations with real-life events, this study seeks to show the importance of diverse literature and the influence of literature in depicting the experiences of the minority, while arguing that Native American literature cannot be analyzed through a post-colonialist lens because colonization and 'Americanization' of Native Americans is still taking place. Primary sources include the novel Tracks and articles pertaining to the NODAPL movement, as there is currently little academic research on the matter. Secondary sources include journal articles on Tracks that analyze the significance and history of Native American reservations.

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Second place winner of poster presentations at the 17th Annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum (URCAF) held at the Rhatigan Student Center, Wichita State University, April 4, 2017.