The Sunflower, v.50, no.26 (May 3, 1945)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.50, no.26, Wichita, Kansas, May 3, 1945. - 8 pages.
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Article(s): Four senior women named by University honor group: Annual fete is tomorrow -- Glee club will sing for vets -- Edward Weidlein, former Kansas, is speaker at commencement -- Bond sales to continue -- Moore, Jewell give recital -- Funk heads new forum -- Open letter to graduates -- Half-way station -- Another successful season -- Grads gain distinction -- Typed on a Wednesday / Joanie O'Bryant -- 532 W.U. alumni now in service -- Logopedics staff conducts survey -- Elliott attends meet at Omaha -- Parnassus due May 21 -- Exam schedule is published -- Omega Upsilon holds dinner -- Tug of ward ends duds drive -- Library displays German propaganda -- D.O.'s honor May Queen -- Install Cate Home Ec head -- Radio group elects Hodge -- Choose four for Matrix -- German scenery proves colorful -- Kimel-Hesse vows set -- Mylke awards medal to Blair -- Verissimo speaks on Tuesday convo -- Roundabout the campus -- Highwater deserts Hollywood to become pre-med student at Ibid -- Plan schedule for workshop -- Pi Kap wins in clothing drive -- Evans heads Kappa Delta Pi -- Women continue intermural games -- Coin collection Library feature -- Faculty hears science editor -- Rooms available for summer students -- Installation hed for new YW cabinet -- Scholarships are offered -- Students opinions vary when they suggest V-E Day plans -- Memorial book plates finished -- Elliotts raise pure bred pups -- Gym department receives skeleton -- Barritt is now on logopedics staff -- Digest proves most popular -- Employment book offered by Wilkie -- New at the Library / Dorothea Welsh -- Wall announces scholarships -- Neighboring schools plan graduations -- Wichita has 1,057 seniors -- Fall classes open September 13 -- Summer school begins June 1
Photograph(s): Joan Cooke. p. 1 -- Mary Jane Mader. p. 1 -- Mickey McCoy. p. 1 -- Betty Ely Sturdy. p. 1 -- Alma Ruth Funk. p. 1 -- [Joanie] O'Bryant. p. 2 -- Washington, D.C.: Photo shows left to right, U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Averill Harriman, Secretary of State Edward Stettinius, Russian Ambassador to U.S. Andre Gromyko, and Soviet Foriegn Commisar Molotov, just after the latter's arrival in Washington to attend the San Francisco conference. p. 7
Newspaper mislabeled as Vol. XLX.