Friction stir welding tool having a scroll-free concentric region

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Burford, Dwight A.

Dwight A. Burford, inventor. Wichita State University, assignee. Friction stir welding tool having a scroll-free concentric region. United States patent: US 8,016,179, 2011, Sep 13.


A friction stir welding tool having a shoulder section with a scroll pattern that terminates prior to the edge or boundary of the shoulder section to create a scroll-free concentric surface area.

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WSU inventor: Dwight A. Burford, Director, WSU Research Site, NSF Center for Friction Stir Processing (July 2007- June 2012); Senior Research Scientist and Director, NIAR Advanced Joining & Processing Laboratory (Aug 2005-June 2012). Since 2012, Dr. Burford has worked as a metallurgical engineering consultant. In September 2019, Dr. Dwight Burford joined the Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes Institute (AMMPI) and the Center for Friction Stir Processings (CFSP) at University of North Texas as a Research Professor.
Appl. no.: 11/487,814 filed Jul 17, 2006. U.S. Patent 8,016,179 granted Sep 13, 2011.
Current Assignee Burford Pamela B