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Solomey, Nickolas

Solomey, Nickolas. 2019. Preface. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol. 1137:conf. 1:art. no. 011001


This is the 13th conference on Beauty, Charm and Hyperon hadrons since the start back in 1995 at Strasbourg. This edition of the series has taken place in the warm and welcoming sea-side of Peniche, Portugal. It was quite a challenge to keep us focused on the scientific agenda given the beauty and excursions associated with the conference surroundings and the graciousness of our local Portuguese hosts who arranged many wonderful activities. The advisory committee would like to take this opportunity to thank the local organizing committee for all its eort, preparations and care they took to make this a very successful conference. We especially thank Paula Bordalo, the Chairperson of this year's conference for her vision for this edition of the conference and the many well thought out events and their breathtaking venues.

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