The Sunflower, v.73, no.31 (February 18, 1969)

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Article(s): Minotaur will pursue 'creative outlet’ theme / Ciff Bieberly -- Czech revolt first subject at Issues '69 -- Students set Experimental Film Festival -- History, art seniors named Wilson fellows -- Beer petition gains first 700 signatures -- Hassle over liquor concerns Senate Judiciary Committee -- Judge finds youths guilty of profanity -- 'Wets’ offer to support 'drys’ to present voters clear choice -- Counselling center offers aid free of charge to student -- Evening courses on cities, folklore -- 'Beg-in' gets token retort from CAC -- Dissertation earns Wisconsin doctoral degree -- WSU professors join discussion on scientific responsibility -- 'I, a woman' theme offered at AWS Week -- Confrontation -- No smoking in arena requested -- Notre Dame readies cease and desist plan -- Our man in Lawrence, Bill Opperman: KU group creates satirical dissent - Housemother’s place in University closely resembles land-lady role -- Greek qualities varied in WSU sorority girls -- City officials hear student grievances -- CAC offers engraving facilities -- Spock speaks; MU president interrogated -- Nursing Club Committee appointed -- Oklahoma bombards frosh 104-80 as Soonors dominate cage play -- Thinclads streak to third in annual Drake triangular -- Drake needs win to stay in race -- K-State State Wildcats gain momentum in Big 8 race -- Ping-pong to begin Monday -- Cardinals ruin WSU 'Sure Thing’ with final nine-second surge -- WSU makes union tourney 'middle' win -- Ted Williams into 'extra innings’ for million dollar baseball pact.
Photograph(s): 'Minotaur' opens Thursday: Students opening their new restaurant at 1747 N. Fairmount puts the finishing touches on the newly constructed building front. p. 1 -- Icy stare: Three students build a frosty replica of former Wichitan Carrie Nation, across from the "drink-in" site. p. 1 -- ' Dear WSU' begins Bill Opperman, new correspondent from Kansas University, who will relate to students here the campus scene at its sister school. p. 7 -- Declines role of policeman: Adele Newman, head resident of Wheatshocker Hall, considers her residents responsible for their own actions. p. 8 -- Perfect pick: Shocker guard Greg Carney (22) sets a pick for Ron Mendell (24) in Saturday clash with the Louisville Cardinals. p. 12
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The Sunflower, v.73 no.31. Wichita, Kansas, February 18, 1969. - 12 pages.
Wichita State University
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